Lozenges that don’t suck.


Fast Acting

Every Lucy lozenge is loaded with 4mg of nicotine, enough to deliver the same satisfying buzz of a cigarette. No lighter required.

FDA Approved

Our great-tasting lozenges are FDA-approved to help you ditch your habit. Those guys know their stuff.

Go Anywhere

Our lozenges are discrete and mess-free, which means you can bring them with you wherever your wanderings take you.

Delicious Flavor

Our cherry lozenges are as cool as the other side of the pillow. These lozenges will deliver all the (mouth) feels.

Lozenges that work as fast as you do.

Our lozenges are proven to deliver a satisfying rush of nicotine faster than nicotine gum. Because you’re busy. You deserve a product that won’t waste your time. .


Q: How much nicotine does Lucy contain?
A: Each piece of Lucy contains 4mg of pharmaceutical grade nicotine.
Q: Who should use Lucy?
A: Lucy Nicotine Lozenges are intended exclusively for current adult smokers who want to quit smoking once and for all.
Q: How do you use the product?
A: You simply place the lozenge in your cheek and let the nicotine absorb over the next 30 minutes. No need to chew the lozenge, it should dissolve entirely by itself.
Q: Where is Lucy manufactured?
A: Lucy is made in the USA with American and some imported European ingredients.