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Kapsel Pouches

Unlike any other pouches you've ever tried. Lucy Kapsel Pouches each contain a liquid capsule that releases a huge burst of flavor. Kapsel pouches use 100% synthetic nicotine and a custom blend of ingredients for a nicotine pouch experience like no other.

Unique flavor capsules inside each pouch.

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Chew + Park

Choose from wintergreen, pomegranate, cinnamon or a variety pack that includes all three flavors. Optional subscriptions keep you in stock every month and shipping is always free.

A classic gum feel with a nicotine punch.



Slim Pouches

Our Slim Pouches deliver delicious and flavorful nicotine while staying moist in your mouth. Each can comes with 15 pouches and is available in mango, wintergreen, cinnamon, espresso, spearmint flavor.

100% synthetic nicotine in unique pouches.



Nicotine Lozenges

27 delicious nicotine lozenges per bottle to help you kick the habit altogether. Subscribers get 3 bottles every month.

Strong nicotine in the smallest package.

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