Kapsel Pouch

Variety (All Three Flavors)
Cool Cider
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Dry mouth from a dry pouch?

Never again: Each Lucy Kapsel pouch contains a unique capsule that releases a burst of liquid flavor right where you need it .

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much nicotine does each Lucy Kapsel Pouch contain?
A: Each Lucy Kapsel Pouch contains 4 or 8mg of tobacco-free nicotine.
Q: Who should use Lucy Kapsel Pouches?
A: We designed Lucy Kapsel Pouches for adult nicotine users, who may have tried other tobacco-free nicotine pouches and found the flavor or experience unsatisfactory.
Q: How do you use Lucy Kapsel pouches?
A: It's easy - just pop the enclosed flavor Kapsel between your teeth and position the pouch between your cheek and gums.