Breakers 6-pack


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Breakers 6-pack


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Break up with your old nicotine routine and discover the uniquely hydrating experience of Breakers. Like our Pouches, Breakers are packed with pure nicotine and flavor - but there’s an extra surprise. Each Breakers pouch holds a tiny jewel-like capsule that can be broken open to release a flood of extra flavor and hydration, whenever you choose. They’re a breakthrough in pouch technology, and only available from LUCY.

 Each can of Breakers contains 15 tobacco-free pouches.

 Not an FDA-approved smoking cessation aid.

 Not intended to be used to quit smoking.

Distributed by Lucy Goods, Las Vegas, NV.
Sale only allowed in the United States.


Since nicotine is absorbed at different rates and efficiency levels depending on how the nicotine is being delivered (lungs, mouth, etc), it's hard to make an apples to apples comparison between different products.

 4mg is generally suitable for someone who uses nicotine occasionally.

 8mg is more likely to satisfy if you have an everyday nicotine routine.


We're big plant fans. Houseplants, cacti, the biggest trees to the smallest lichens (not actually plants, but they could fool us).

One plant that doesn't do it for us? Nicotiana tabacum, the cultivated tobacco plant. At least, not when its leaves are cut, dried, and set on fire.

That's why you'll never find tobacco leaves in any of our products, ever. In fact, we're doing our best to transition to 100% lab-made nicotine entirely. But we're not there yet (it's really expensive!) so for the time being, many of our products still contain Nicotine polacrilex, which is pure nicotine extracted from tobacco.


We’re so glad you asked. Simply take a Breakers pouch, open your mouth, and place it between your lip and your teeth. Most people prefer the top lip, right above their front teeth. You’ll probably feel a tingling sensation the first few times you use Breakers. When you’re ready for a rush of flavor, just break open the flavor capsule between your teeth and replace the pouch to your preferred location.


All orders ship free. If you decide Lucy isn't for you, we'll be happy to refund you for any unused product within 30 days of your order.

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